And in my mid-twenties, the quote on the above picture has been among the most substantial advises I’ve gotten. You went through high school, you know logically you cannot go back there, because that part of life is over. But you still want to hold onto dead-end relationships, friendships, situations and things that are already passed by time. They had their time but their time elapsed and you are refusing to move on.

In life, you have to realize that life itself is a journey. Just like on the road, you will meet many people along the way. Different people at different times. For example, you are taking a thirty minutes walk or drive, you will encounter different people along the way, all types of people. Same as life, you were with a few people in school as you were growing up, from the ages of 3 to 13, some were there for that period only. You met them at school during those years and that was probably the last time you would meet, hang out or encounter some of them. But can you hold on to them and not let that go? No, because you accepted that that part of your life and its people is over. Same as high school or college, some people were there for that period and you will probably never see them again. You accepted that some friends were only for that period of time.

Same as relationships, some people will have exes, others will marry their first loves,  others will get heartbroken a couple of times, learn and find the love they deserve, others will choose or happen not to get married at all. Others will divorce and not get married, others will divorce and marry three times. Life is different for different people as people make choices differently. But some people don’t want to let go of relationships, friendships, jobs or situations that died 2,3,7 years ago. They have refused to move on! They are still holding onto dead things. Things that will never bear any fruit.  Probably those relationships or friendships were never to amount to anything. Probably you were being shielded from people who would have hurt you or betrayed you. They were not aligned with your purpose. Those people were only there for a reason, for a season, to perform a certain thing in your life, but their time got over, and they had to leave. But still, you want to hold on to the past. If indeed they are aligned with your purpose and are meant to be in your life, they will be in it. Stop trying to do a push and pull with the things or people life is taking away from you. You will only hurt yourself for pulling for too long. But it doesn’t mean one should shun everyone from their past if they come back. Don’t presume that they don’t have anything new to offer. Some people do. You have to be wise to decipher if they are coming back to use you or add value to your life. This is yours to know.

Keep your emotions guarded, and stop putting too much emotion on temporary people, because it becomes harder to let go once they are gone from your life; once they have performed their purpose in your journey of life. True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic. Know who to invest in emotionally. Master your emotions, master yourself, accept life is a journey and learn to let go. Your life becomes a masterpiece when you learn to master peace.


  1. True. Beautiful piece. Life is a series of choices. We should learn to forgive ourselves and let go.


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