Well, some kids still think these stuff to date.

“Dad, there is this show on Disney that has a giant robot that saves the world from evil monsters…..” this kid went on and on about the giant robot. This reminded me of when we were kids. We would watch cartoons, kids shows, read harry porter books and watch science fiction movies. And yes, we believed them.
Kids sure do watch a lot of fantasy shows, unreal and unrealistic things. I remember these well-crafted kids movies, that we would watch, and we loved them: People shrinking kids, others invented time machines and went back to the past. I loved science fiction, movies to do with time travel, planets, discovery, space, etc. I remember I had  a list of 10 things I had planned to invent when I grew up: 1. A time travelling machine that would go back in time hundreds and million years ago. The point of inventing this time machine was to talk to Jesus when He was in human form, (according to my beliefs), and to see how the world was like in the age of dinosaurs. The next invention I had planned to do to was to invent a body-shrinking machine that would shrink me so that I would enter a human body and see what goes on inside there. What did I know about the human body? I was a kid! Another invention in line was to invent an invisible-making machine- this also I learnt about it from the movies- so I would be invincible, and go to places without being seen. (And no, I wasn’t a nautghyty kid) And yes, we were brainwashed as kids!

So my interest in science continued. There is a time I took a bulb, made a small hole, and put some water in it then I told my younger brother that I have invented something. The invention was a type of magnifying glass. I could actually see the bulb magnifying objects with the water in it. Science was interesting.

The fascination of space and time travel continued and during my early years of growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. I would read books about space, planets, and I knew more about planets before some kids my age even knew the existence of other planets, or before they knew the world is not flat. I remember quoting J.F. Kennedy’s words of taking man to the moon and landing him safely back on earth, and I would say his words like a praise song, I knew them so well. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first people that landed on the moon. Recently, when I was watching this YouTube video of Buzz Aldrin describing how it was landing to the moon and back, I was thinking to myself, “Wow, you’ve actually been to the moon and back.” Anyway, those things don’t fascinate me anymore, I guess they faded with the childhood.  

Later on as we grew older, and wiser, many kids read Ben Carson's books, and 'Think big' being the most popular. Then, boom! Every other kid wanted to be a neurosurgeon when they grew up. I guess dreams and careers changed depending on which phase of life we were at.

Enough of science fiction. I remember my grandmother telling us weird stories of giants. Granny’s house was near a river. So she would tell us that there were giants living near the river that would eat those children that behaved badly. These stories were told to kids so as to shape their character. Many grandmothers told these kind of stories to the young children. Other things we used to believe when were kids is that when you shed a tooth and put it under your pillow at night when you are about to sleep, the tooth fairy would come, pick your tooth and leave you some coins in exchange of the tooth. So in the morning, you’d wake up and find no tooth because somehow you slept badly and your tooth fell somewhere under the bed or disappeared and cry and think to yourself, “What a bad tooth fairy!” Other times the tooth would still be there under your pillow in the morning and you'd think maybe the tooth fairy forgot your tooth. Other things we believed is that if one swallowed a seed, for example an orange seed, the whole tree would grow inside your stomach. So we would cautiously eat oranges and other fruits that had seeds so as to avoid having trees grow out of us. 

Indeed kids do believe a lot of silly stuff. And beliefs vary with upbringing and environment.
We all have to be lenient with kids. What do they know? Kids live in their own world. A kid’s mind sure does have a lot of fantasies, until they enter the real world of adulthood and see life for what it really is. Adulthood is about having responsibilities, taking care of others, working, both hard and smart, chasing money, staying healthy, and making the best out of your life.

A kid’s development into the person they become as an adult is mostly shaped when they are a kid. And the kind of parenting a kid gets, most of the times, shapes the character a person acquires. (of course in every rule there are exceptions). If a child is not monitored properly or instilled the proper values, they grow up to be people that lack quality of character. It’s also good to censor what kids watch as a kid’s mind is vulnerable. And they can be swayed into bad influence, bad behavior, bad thoughts or even outside pressures from their peers. Anyway, a child’s development and parenting is a whole other topic on its own

So what did you grow up believing as a kid?


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